Satyam Nadeen
From Seekers to Finders From Seekers to Finders
By Satyam Nadeen

Nadeen's first book, From Onions to Pearls, dealt primarily with his own personal experience of awakening from the human predicament. This was a third-dimensional perspective of life that is conditioned by identification with whatever the mind projects as real. Something happened to him that effortlessly "Shifted" him right into the fourth dimension where, free from identity with the mind, an abiding sense of Presence sees through the illusion of free will and being a separate doer.

In this book, he shares with us how this Shift is affecting all "seekers" Satyam Nadeenwho have an intense longing to finally go "home" and know the thoughts of God. But the problem with becoming a "finder" is that the reality is buried under the confusion of thousands of years of concepts around the whole idea of enlightenment. Does anyone out there really know what they're talking about? After interviewing many thousands of awakening ones in Satsang intensives around the world, Nadeen has found that there is now emerging a clear pattern in his explanation of what actually happens when seekers become finders.

Most important of all, This Shift is happening now!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:   The Awakening
Chapter 2:   The Main Ingredients of Awakening
Chapter 3:   The Shift in Mainstream Spirituality
Chapter 4:   Occam's Razor
Chapter 5:   The Greatest Secret of the Shift
Chapter 6:   Mangoes and Enlightenment
Chapter 7:   The Satsang Circle
Chapter 8:   Does Anyone Really Know What Enlightenment Is?
Chapter 9:   The Myth of Enlightenment
Chapter 10:   Myth: Enlightenment Is a Peak Experience
Chapter 11:   Myth: Enlightenment Is Bliss
Chapter 12:   Myth: Enlightenment Comes Through a Guru and Spiritual Disciplines
Chapter 13:   Myth: Enlightenment Will Be the End of All My Troubles
Chapter 14:   Myth: Enlightenment Is an Absolute Norm When Describing an
Awakened Person
Chapter 15:   Myth: When I Am Enlightened, I Can Manifest Reality with My Mind
Chapter 16:   Myth: Loss of Personal Identity
Chapter 17:   Myth: Pet Peeves
Chapter 18:   Myth: Sex After the Shift
Chapter 19:   Myth: Unrecognized As a Saint
Chapter 20:   Myth: The Longing for God
Chapter 21:   Myth: It's Too Simple and Easy to Be True!
Chapter 22:   Just As It Is
Chapter 23:   The Laws of Energy That Run This World of Appearance
Chapter 24:   The Law of Karma
Chapter 25:   The Law of Desire
Chapter 26:   The Law of Love
Chapter 27:   The High-Five Encounter
Chapter 28:   Interview: Shifting Without Effort
Chapter 29:   The Wisdom of the Ashtavakra Gita

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